The joint oxidation is caused by the production of free radicals that are changing the joint structure, oxidizing and damaging it. These free radicals are produced by exposure to environmental agents ranging from food consumed even the air we breathe. Here is easy to prepare a recipe to minimize damage of the joint and the production of free radicals.

Ingredients: Yogurt, any flavor pre-biotics (100 ml), robust honey (75 grams), brown propolis (5 drops).

  •  Add robust honey to the yogurt.
  •  Wait for 1 minute while mixing with a tablespoon.
  •  Add brown propolis to the mix and wait for 1 minute.
  •  Mix it again.
Note: Prebiotics are those foods which stimulate beneficial bacteria growth in the colon. Unlike the  probiotics which are live bacteria, the prebiotics are just substances lifeless that help like a energetic supplements for the beneficial bacterias.